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Friday, February 24, 2006

DIY Visual Imagery: The Beach

Do-it-yourself visual imagery, imagine yourself at the beach or anyplace else you are able to relax

An Introduction to Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation from Dr. Todd Finnerty, experience the tension leaving your body with this audio recording

A primer on the problem solving process

This is an mp3 entitled "A primer on the problem solving process." It is designed as a relaxation exercise, More Stress management resources and mp3 relaxation exercises are available at my website.

tap tap, is this thing on?

So, I opened this account a while ago when I was thinking about changing my blog over from the site where I pay for website hosting, I was too lazy to read about a different location though- and forgot I even had this when I came over here to check out blogger to perhaps try something different when it comes to podcasting. maybe I'll give this location a shot for keeping podcasts separate from regular blog posts. anyway, I'm just taking baby steps, but for now you can get Free Stress Management MP3s on my website here